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canada goose clearance sale And if you can’t get in the demon door in rose cottage give him a box of chocolate also if you happen to be in witch wood forest where the arena is there is a statue with a gargoyle glowing red dig where it is and you will get a key plus if you need a silver agumentation there is one in great wood forest first make sure the statue in look out point is pointing at great wood forest then you go left canada goose outlet toronto store after you go inside great wood forest there should be a path there and a elite bandit guarding it well after you kill him the silver agumentation should be in the chest once you found it it will not respawn again! also the fork in road where the picnic area and great wood forest is there is a pond there if you keep fishing there you will get a ages of skill potion and it will not respawn again now here are all the blue mushroom locations number 1 is in the guilds near the pond where the demon door is you have to keep fishing there until you get it number 2 canada goose sale outlet review should be in the picnic area where there is a girl there that is sad talk to her than either use the fart expression or the laugh expression even the Cossack dance works number 3 is in barrow fields there is a guy selling a blue mushroom you could buy it or steal it if you steal it just keep using the sorry expression it will work if your good there is also 500 gold in the barrow field’s canada goose outlet uk sale lake to the right where the scare crow is if you fish there you can use the extra 500 gold to buy the mush room if you do not want any bad points. Number 4 is in the guild’s woods in case you do not know where it is it is between the archery area and arena area where you fought whisper when you get in there is a person there he Say’s that he is sad because there was a party in the guilds woods and that he fell in love with woman but soon he find’s out that she lives in oak vale and he will give you the blue mushroom to you if you give a letter to her once you get there she will be the behind the well that is in canada goose hat uk the second house after you pass the oak vale graveyard if you give the letter and say it was from the guy she will be happy and you will get 20 good points but if you give the letter and say it was from you you will get 60 bad points and she will instantly love you either way he will still give you the blue mushroom after you tell him. There is also a Rumor said that if you go around and keep going in circle’s around the great wood canada goose outlet official Cullie’s gate that Hobbes’s will keep respawning also if you want to look like a ninja in fable first make sure you have the full assassin suit and bandit suit just put assassin suit on and replace the assassin glove’s with bandit glove’s and put the bandit bandanna also if you happen to wonder after you killed every single bandit in twin blade’s camp and they don’t come back? Bacause canada goose clearance sale.