SYNTAX INFOSYS is a Software Development, Web Application Development, VPS Service, Data Analysis & infrastructure, and Quant Trading & research Company bases on Malaysia, a company proposed by a team of self motivated young IT professionals and business specialists to render highly sophisticated, value-based and quality services in the field of Information Technology to the community as a whole. Our slogan is “Believes in novelty”.

We believe in customer satisfaction and deliver the finest tuned web based solutions to its clients. Our team works to ensure the highest quality full work to our customers. We give our services to reduce headache and investment of our customers. Committed to provide world-class web based satisfactory, quality solution to its customers and help to build a modern web based global infrastructure. Customer’s satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We develop Web Based applications for local & International Market with the existing IT resources. We have UK & USA based Powerful Server to ensure the finest tuned VPS service for our clients. We don’t believe in words, we just believe in the highest service quality.

Our Developers are motivated by challenging technical problems in the trading industry and endless opportunities for innovation, working in the nano-second space of our custom low latency trading platform, we are finding creative ways to use the latest tech while building new tools and implementing advanced solutions that meet the needs of a competitive trading environment. As a technology driven company our talented Developers advance beyond typical Software Engineers by working on a range of greenfield problems. We do not sell our software and our collaborative vetting and peer-review processes give us the ability to achieve daily software releases.

Our Quant Developers, Quant Researchers and Quant Traders are working across every aspect of Syntax Infosys’s system. Quants connect with both the Trading and Development Teams to innovate on data analysis, modelling, and strategies. At Syntax Infosys our Quants work across 2 major areas; data analysis & infrastructure, and quant trading & research.



Our Working Process :

  • We take your requirement.
  • Analyst your requirements.
  • Give you Quotation.
  • Do a Official Agreement.
  • Take 50% advance of Agreement amount.
  • Show you demo of Project.
  • If any change Update that.
  • Finally Deliver the project & take rest of payment.