Similar to the internal auditor, the external examiner performs an assessment of the internal control measures in place during the processing of transactions. His objective, however, is to find out how much of the information in the financial reports has the likeliest possibility of being manipulated. The substantial increases or decreases in annual reports will be verified by tracking the trails of the transactions that present major changes..

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Like the article says, thali is a style of serving many types of food in little bowls on a round plate. It characterized by unlimited servings and fast service, and in the Gujarati style that I grew up with, it purely vegetarian. I interested to see what an “all India” thali will be..

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Again, I not sure what the solution is, but while I think farmers should be required to have some training I don think they should need the same level of training as someone who is driving a semi for a living. As I mentioned in my original comment using myself as an example when a farmer is driving a semi they are typically driving shorter distances with more frequent rest breaks than someone who drives for a living. The commercial driver basically gets in their truck and goes for the whole day.

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