One argument is that in their Learn More previous incarnation, Fannie and Freddie caused the financial crisis by helping unqualified people buy homes, in the name of following mandates from Congress to meet housing affordability goals. But the financial crisis wasn’t caused by putting people in homes. It was caused by people of all income levels speculating on homes as investment properties, and using their homes as credit cards, extracting money from them via cash out refinancing.

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Interesting, I didn’t know toothpaste would alleviate a burn. Thanks for sharing. To fix the scratches on my CDs and DVDs, I use a highlighter, a crayon, or a wax candle (whichever is handy). It is borderline perverse to call a 102 year old company readying a $2.5m track monster called Vulcan an underdog. At the N however, Aston Martin Racing is dwarfed by Porsche, BMW and Audi. Even Toyota, which fields just a handful of racecars, dominates a verdant promontory above the circuit, its expansive white tent welcoming fans and privateer teams for drinks and hospitality..

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