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I saw the things he was saying. BNW also released an apology. If he did nothing wrong why did they apologize? Who are these “Koreans” exactly? His songs and the translations were posted. Gazelles live in male led herds, with the size varying with the species. Herding is adaptive behavior in prey species. Living in a group affords some protection against predators.

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What the point in that? Who wants a mode where you can have Akali, Irelia, Kassadin etc. On both teams?Then they need to COMPLETELY REVAMP the client. Because Snowdown is such an insane and intricate feature, the 2 3 lines of code which enable the launcher to show the mode have to be thoroughly tested so Riot is sure it doesn break existing popular features, including things like Icon borders and crafting skins with gemstones.Then finally, they have to reintroduce the backend code so we can actually play it.

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