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Fake Hermes Bags James Palmer is Cambridgeshire’s first mayorHe beat Lib Dem candidate Rod Cantrill by 88,826 votes to 67,205He beat Lib Dem candidate Rod Cantrill by 88,826 votes to 67,205 votes in the second round of the election contest, try this website after the five other candidates were knocked out in the first round.Following the first round, Mr Palmer had secured 76,064 votes, with Cllr Cantrill second with 47,026 votes.Labour’s Kevin Price placed third with 37,297 votes, UKIP’s Paul Bullen fourth on 15,931, the Green’s Julie Howell fifth with 12,628, Independent Peter Dawe sixth on 9,176 and the English Democrat’s Stephen Goldspink came last with replica hermes watch strap 2,256.LIVE: hermes deluxe replica set Cambridgeshire mayor announced as Conservative James Palmer as Tories take control county councilFollowing his victory, the jubilant dad of two from hermes men’s sandals replica Soham said: “This is a team game, politics is a team game, and I wouldn’t be here without the incredible support of the team that’s backed me from day one. And I would like to thank each and every one of them for their work.”What we have in Cambridgeshire is almost unique. We have the building blocks of success we just need somebody to put them together. Fake Hermes Bags

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