uk canada goose outlet Spelling is just the tip of the iceberg dyslexia is a way of thinking, a way of being, it is who you are. Be proud of yourself. After all most humans can read but we can make letters dance and much more besides. One of them, psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.”I think whenever I tend to look at things spiraling in society, particularly political events that are going on, I like to think about what kind of foundational skills should have been in place earlier to prevent these things from happening,” Kleinrock told HuffPost.The educator also had her students do a writing activity about consent and participate in a role playing scenario in which they asked her if they could give her a hug. The idea was to give them real world examples of what consent does and doesn’t look like.”I’m saying the word ‘yes,’ but my tone and my body language are so clearly uncomfortable so I ask, ‘Can you read my body? Can you read my face? How do you think I’m actually feeling?'” she said. “Or I’m laughing and saying, ‘No, not right now.’ I look happy and positive, but the words coming out of my mouth are still no. uk canada goose outlet

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