Canada Goose Jackets But the Crown can’t download its duties to corporations.The court said Ottawa’s efforts “left entire subjects of central interest to the affected First Nations, sometimes subjects affecting their subsistence and well being, entirely ignored.”You can argue the Appeal Court’s decision gave Trudeau licence to pass on a project he didn’t really want to approve anyway.Christie says the decision has clear implications for the fate of the Trans Mountain expansion.”You’d think [the government] would learn their lesson at some point,” he says.”I would think that at some point people within the government would sit down and say, ‘What do we need to do? Let’s do it,’ instead of playing these games that end up not working in their interest in the long term.”Outside the ‘ken of the courts’? Like other environmentalists, Campbell celebrated the Appeal Court’s overturning of Northern Gateway. But the same ruling may yet turn out to be a double edged sword.Even as the decision provided a victory for Indigenous groups, it marked a defeat for advocates who argued Harper had ignored environmental considerations and climate change in approving the project.Environmentalists claim the National Energy Board has failed to consider the Species At Risk Act in approving the Trans Mountain project at the expense of southern resident killer whales. (Dave Ellifrit/Centre for Whale Research)The court dismissed them outright, saying cabinet was “entitled to assess the sufficiency of the information and recommendations it had received, balance all the considerations economic, cultural, environmental and otherwise and come to the conclusion it did.””To rule otherwise would be to second guess the Governor in Council’s appreciation of the facts, its choice of policy, its access to scientific expertise and its evaluation and weighing of competing public interest considerations, matters very much outside of the ken of the courts,” the ruling said.Consider that conclusion for a moment in light of the challenges Campbell’s clients have raised to the Trans Mountain pipeline.They claim the NEB failed to consider Species At Risk Act in approving a project that would potentially doom the southern resident killer whale population to extinction.They also say the project has failed to address the impact nearly tripling the flow of oil through the Trans Mountain pipeline would have on Canada’s international climate change commitments.But if all that is deemed to fall outside “the ken of the courts” then who is to say what’s right and wrong?’Ultimately political decisions’ An array of independent tribunals and laws are tasked with assessing the effects of projects like the Trans Mountain and Northern Gateway pipelines.. Canada Goose Jackets

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