Thanks for sharing this it such an important thing to keep in mind in all of life, but especially when trying to find a relationship. I think the commenters who are interpreting it as saying we not social creatures are taking the sentiment too far. I don think it means we should all be able to be hermits or we failures at life, but that if we can stand to be alone at all, ever then we are in danger of attaching ourselves to toxic people and situations just to avoid being alone for a while..

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I used to have this reoccurring nightmare about this lizard man type monster who could see what I could see out of my eyes. So I run and hide and he didn know where I was, but then as soon as I peeked to see if it was safe he know where I was! So I have to leave that hiding spot and go find a new one and then it would happen over and over and over again. A literal nightmare.

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You are blindly ignoring the fact that Brees is having the single most efficient, and accurate, season in NFL history, simply because Mahomes has 6 more TD and more yards. 330 points submitted 10 days agoThielen is a great example of a talent actually being developed, he justifiably was not good enough to get on a team when he first joined our PS, and he used the access he got to NFL caliber workouts and programs to work and improve relentlessly both his physical shape as well as his skills and handling abilities.People often talk about finding and developing talent, but Thielen truly did develop in the practice and weight rooms of the Vikings facility IMO, he put in an insane amount of work to get to where he is and the results are clear now. 2 points submitted 1 month agoChargers and Pat are the hardest teams you guys face that we don We face the Falcons twice, even injured those matchups are hard af, the Panthers twice, Cowboys (great defense,) Eagles, Redskins (great defense,) and Vikings.

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Johnson, both of Ypsilanti; two daughters, Pamela A. Smith) Johnson of Farmington Hills, MI and Sharon L. (Phillip G.) Neir of White Lake, MI; nine grandchildren, William, David, Elizabeth, Steven, Carl, Michael, Stacey, Alexander and Hannah; six great grandchildren, Kayla, Dawson, Alyssa, Kannon, Kyle and Adelina; one brother Charles F.

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