The Commission has obtained an order temporarily restraining Lambert Vander Tuig, The Carolina Development Company, Inc. (a/k/a The Carolina Company at Pinehurst)(“Carolina Company”) and Jonathan Carman (“Carman”) from making unregistered fraudulent offers, sales and purchases of securities in connection with an offering of stock in Carolina Company. The Court also froze the assets of Vander Tuig, Carolina Company and Carman and appointed a receiver for Carolina Company and its affiliates.

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Investing in mutual funds or exchange traded funds can achieve a high degree of investment diversity with a small investment. Each of these funds has a manager who maintains the portfolio investments based on a specific investment strategy. Together these types of funds have providers that number in the hundreds offering thousands of funds.

The Commission’s complaint alleges that BTR offered investors investments in a program that traded in the Forex market. BTR solicited investments through a website, sales representatives called “introducing brokers,” and live presentations by Karlis and Akyil. BTR attracted investors from around the world, with many residing in Florida.