Some just thought he was the better looking of the two and he had their vote.Oh it wasn’t quite this blatant?Regardless, he gave Senator Cruz a run for his money.It should not have been so close in my State of Florida or in my neighboring State of Georgia.Individuals, not the least bit shy about their progressive ways, their Socialist agendas, did very well here, in the South.A man, Andrew Gillum in Florida, a woman, Stacey Abrams in Georgia, seeking to turn America into a Venezuela, one goody at a time, one State at a time, did very well in the election.Oh, it wasn’t quite this blatant?Both of these races were neck and neck the entire time!Knowing we would get Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House and knowing we’d get ignorant, encourager of disruption in the streets Maxine Waters over the House Finance committee, the people spoke and gave it to them, by giving the Dems the majority in the House of Representatives.These divisive women have been granted more power, which they’ve shown us, they’ll use for all of the wrong reasons.Can we Keep this Republic?I cannot get excited about my State of Florida, keeping it Red, not when it was as close as it was, knowing the next time, we’ll not be as lucky. Constitution; why we have it, why it exists, why they shouldn’t want it any other way!How do we get out the word that it exists to protect them from individuals seeking power, seeking to conquer and divide, seeking to Rule over them.It exists for our benefit and for the benefit of our children and their children, as it has since its inception, with the birth of the United States of America.I am one lone voice, I alone, cannot convince this Nation that we have strayed too far.I cannot convince young voters that when they vote for gifts and things, they do themselves great harm. When they vote for Socialists, they are voting to become a Cuba, a Venezuela..

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