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canada goose uk outlet England delights during ChristmasrespondTue, 11 Dec 2018 21:11:22 +0000Christmas time is an Instagrammer dream in London, with giant decorated Christmas trees, twinkling lights, elaborately decorated shops, outdoor skating rinks and cute Christmas markets at every turn.Inside, the historic rooms have been transformed into Cinderella Fairy Tale Palace. Richly decorated displays include the Stepmother drawing room, the Ugly Sister messy bedroom, Cinderella bedroom, the Fairy Godmother crystal world, the Prince grand room, and the ballroom, where all the clocks strike midnight and Cinderella glass slipper is displayed.Christmas at Blenheim Palace features a Cinderella theme this year complete with glass slipper. (ROBIN ROBINSON)After a walk through, visitors can tie a wish onto the Wishing Tree in the candlelit chapel.Outdoors, a Christmas market with 90 chalets selling everything from handmade gifts to mince tarts, mulled wine and spiced cider occupies the Great Court canada goose uk outlet.