Stalking the upper rapids of Niagara Falls, the circa 1920s Red Coach Inn was built in the architectural style of the old English Tudor period. Here diners can watch the water crashing in all its mighty glory in the Rapids Room and spend the night in the inn. They can also watch things fly about for no reason, propelled by no one or listen to music no human is playing and the sounds of footsteps above them, though there are no floors overhead.

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We have reviews on most of them which are referenced below under the relevant categories that set them apart so you can determine the best model for you.The rugged, lightweight, sleek design is more watch like than the earlier Forerunner 205 and 305 models. But at the same time the numbers are easy to read on the display so you won’t trip on a rock because of too much intimacy between your forehead and forearm. Since it’s an upgrade on the Garmin Forerunner 405, the basic design and feature set is the same.