Because this is what the HR people are being told is what works. “Employee Engagement” is the hot thing in HR conferences. Something like they did a study and found that when the employees were “engaged” that they work work harder or something like that, and these companies were 20% more profitable.

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These are not architectural photographs and there will be some distortion because of the camera used. Try and minimize any distortion while retaining a good image angle. Another angle that works with interior shots is a view from the top. As the manure decomposes, nutrients will go down into the soil and feed the plants over time. Sort of a slow release fertilizer, but some of the nitrogen from this mulch will be release to the air as ammonia, so not all the nitrogen will stay in the manure. Central Florida.

So i work at McDonald’s and the coffees and drinks are all the same price. There’s no “one that comes with the meal” and it doesn’t effect price. A small coffee is 1.08 (where I live). This subreddit is focused on the legal, reasonably priced options available. Posts promoting illegal content will be removed. I dont undrstand why people keep getting mad about advertising.

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Once some experience is gained, the applications are sent in and with some luck and a good resume, the call will come from an airline for the all important interview. There, aviation questions, rules, regulations and possibly a ride in a simulator are all requisites for the interview. After it is all done and the sweat dries, it is a wait and see game until the mail comes with the big offer to come and fly for the airlines.