The Commission’s complaint seeks emergency relief including temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, and an order: (i) imposing asset freezes against the Defendants and the Relief Defendants; (ii) appointing a Receiver over SIA, Starrco, and Colcave; (iii) allowing expedited discovery against Defendants and the Relief Defendants and preventing the destruction of Defendants’ and Relief Defendants’ documents; (iv) requiring that Defendants and Relief Defendants provide verified accountings; (v) repatriating funds transferred by Defendants and Relief Defendants to foreign accounts and the freezing of such funds; (vi) imposing a constructive trust over the apartment purchased by Colcave in which Starr and Passage reside; and (vii) enjoining the Defendants and Relief Defendants and any third party from filing bankruptcy on behalf of the Defendants and Relief Defendants without leave of the Court and notice to the Commission. The Commission seeks permanent injunctions, disgorgement of ill gotten gains plus prejudgment interest on a joint and several basis and civil monetary penalties against all of the Defendants. The Commission also seeks an order requiring that Relief Defendants disgorge all assets of Defendants’ clients that improperly were transferred to them, together with prejudgment interest, including topnflcheapjerseys, but not limited to, the apartment purchased by Colcave in which Starr and Passage reside..

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