To lie about Muslims in Jersey City celebrating really pissed me off, especially because of the fallout of 9/11 where mosques in Jersey City were infiltrated by the NYPD as well as Muslim Student Associations. My religion is part of who I am and I see it as extremely relevant in a climate where Muslims are constantly under attack by individuals, like many on this thread, who paint Islam in broad strokes without any understanding of my faith. Again I not a scholar of the faith but I want people to understand that Muslims aren people who want to come to kill you or “hate us” but they are people like me who have grown up in this country and want to serve the communities that raised us.Assuming you are a Sunni Muslim cheap jerseys, the primary source of your Islam is the Quran and the sahih/authentic hadith/narrations of what Muhammad said and did.The Quran says of homosexuals in 7:81 82 that they commit unprecedented immorality, transgressors.

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