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Canada Goose Jackets It that wit that provides just enough light to see the evil men and women inflict on each other in the Grand Theatre outstanding production that opened Friday.Atwood story paralleling Homer epic poem The Iliad focuses tightly on the women left behind and the challenges they face for 20 years while the hero Odysseus goes to fight the Trojan War.It is equally funny as it ss one of those terrifyingly dark dreams you alternately want to escape yet intrigue you enough to make you want to see it through to its end.The Penelopiad, in the hands of director Megan Follows, who performed the title role in the critically acclaimed 2012 Toronto production, is the best kind of theatre, engaging the audience at many levels.It is compelling theatre, from its stylishly creative post Apocalyptic design that is visually stunning, haunting, bleak and gritty to actress Seana McKenna masterful storytelling, spoken in a modern vernacular with a clarity that makes it entertaining, painful, frightening, intelligent and challenging.In a long overdue return to the Grand Theatre stage, McKenna riveting performance breathes life into Atwood words, giving us a very human, vulnerable, intelligent and kind Penelope, daughter of Icarius of Sparta and his wife Periboea, who we learn early on wanted to kill the child but failed Penelope introduction to a world filled with treachery, deceit, greed and self interest.The first act gives us all the background we need to understand the story as it is pushed along by Penelope 10 maids (nine women and one man who play all the various roles) who hauntingly chant to Penelope in the first scene, ones you failed, the ones you killed. Opens with Penelope and her maids, deceased in Hades and recounting the events of Penelope life that led to their tragic deaths, from her birth to her marriage to Odysseus (convincingly played by Praneet Akilla), the birth of their son, Telemachus (beautifully performed by Tess Benger) and then Odysseus departure. Along the way we introduced to the beguiling Helen of Troy (Ellora Patnaik), who provides lots of comic relief.The second act is Penelope tortuous, 20 year wait for Odysseus to return, when she is besieged by dozens of frustrated suitors who force Penelope to find ways to delay and distract them.McKenna almost never leaves the stage, her Penelope a beautifully nuanced, believable character, strong and intelligent, yet vulnerable and poignant, a loyal wife, loving mother and considerate person who is flawed and bewildered by men and women alike.One ingredient essential to this show success is the performance of the maids, who are entirely convincing in their male roles.The choreography is gorgeous, playful at times before it takes some ugly, disturbing turns in the second act when the suitors become increasingly aggressive and abusive.In story and design this show is entirely accessible to audiences, although not suitable for children Canada Goose Jackets.