Hermes Handbags Replica Before I ask the inevitable question about whether Craig really is Satoshi or whether his claims were a load of tosh I want to know why he’s decided to talk to me.’It annoys the crap out of me, to put it simply,’ he adds.We catch up on the morning of Good Friday for a Skype chat. Craig’s wearing a grey sleeveless hooded top so he can head down to his own luxurious and well appointed gym after we’re finished.At the end of our talk, I realise that I’ve been sitting in shadow the whole time, so he’s essentially been speaking to some faceless phantom with an estuary English accent. Which seems fitting, somehow, for a discussion about the shadowy, often anonymous world of cryptocurrencies.Craig, on the other hand, sits in bright light in what looks like a windowless room in a London house which he describes as opulent and gigantic.I sense he’s still smarting a bit from the mauling he got after coming out as Satoshi, but can’t tell for sure whether this is because he’s angry about continued accusations that he lied about being the father of Bitcoin or for some other reason I can’t fathom.So I hit Craig with the one question which every journalist inevitably wants to put to him.To view this please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatAfter investigations in Gizmodo and Wired named Craig Wright as the man behind Satoshi, he did little to deny the rumours and vowed to give the BBC ‘extraordinary proof’ of his identity.However, he did not produce this proof and was pilloried by people who accused him of lying about his role in the birth of Bitcoin. Hermes Handbags Replica

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