If anything that shoots an even bigger hole in your argument: government run space programs put a man on the moon. That a pretty good indicator that they can do cutting edge shit without needing the private sector as a benchmark. And is it implied anywhere in op question that there would only ever be a single monolithic government corporation in every single field everywhere in the world? Yes, in some sort of hypothetical one world communist government there might be problems with motivating people but a) that would be such a monumental shift in the state of the world that we cannot meaningfully assess what it would be like to live in it and b) it not bloody likely..

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wholesale bikinis I certainly wouldn allow it, it doesn make any sense even without the cheese.TheSaint3328 14 points submitted 21 days agoSlight correction, barbarians can wear armor and most should. Medium armor provides decent AC and for most barbarians will be better than there Unarmored Defense. Barbarians should generally prioritize Strength first because they put out a lot of damage with there rage bonus and reckless attack, so unless you roll extremely well medium is useful till late when you’ve maxed out Strength wholesale bikinis.