Last year a dino print was found in Mongolia’sGobi Desert cheap jerseys,measuring in at 3.5 feet (106 centimeters) long and 2.5 feet (77 centimeters) wide, which researchers thought might hold the world record for biggest land dinosaur it was more than 98 feet (30 meters) long and 66 feet (20 meters) tall. But the UQ researchers uncovered a print even bigger at Walmadany a sauropod track more than 5.5 feet (1.7 meters) long, indicating the animal was probably around 17 18 feet (5.3 5.5 meters) tall at the hip. A giraffe could probably gaze only at this animal’s rear end without having to look up..

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To use the feature, you and the other person must first setup an account on the Qik website. Click the web browser and click inside the address bar. To send live video through email after you have setup your Qik account, press the up arrow key and slide the screen up.

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