Law, Loren L. Age 101, of Edina, and longterm resident of Richfield; born in Bordulac, North Dakota on February 8, 1917, and died on December 30, 2018. Preceded in death by wife Arlene R. Assemble all the parts and secure the snap ring that comes with it onto the flange. In order to get the snap ring on you may need to press on the collar compress the putty. Once you get the snap ring on, you can tighten the three bolts, which will compress the flange onto the sink..

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Well, PolitiFact estimated in 2016 that there were about half a million border crossings from Mexico into the United States every day, meaning a total of more than 182 million annually. The Department of Homeland Security identifies how many crossings are halted in its annual data. People prevented from entering at ports of entry are deemed inadmissible; in 2018, there were 124,511 such incidents.

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