Max already had done that for me. He was my sounding board and he was there to correct me when he knew I was heading for disaster. He was my Mentor.. I admire your optimism / naivetyIt was a decent away performance, that what a decent away performance looks like. A bit stodgy but controlled. Other than their powerful spell in the first half PSG weren offering any threat we couldn handle.

I not going to argue about this with you. If you don understand the pure adrenaline, pure joy, and numbing sense of surprising fulfillment that comes from scoring a TD as an OFFENSIVE TACKLE then you won understand why in the very moment he first scored he didn have a step by step plan of how he was going to celebrate the TD safely without losing the ball (because HE NEVER PLANNED ON IT EVER EVER EVER HAPPENING).Throwing the football into the stands is a common celebration that he seen a lot of guys do and so INSTINCTIVELY (without thinking) he decided to do that once he scored.If you don get any of that and are going to give me the bullshit “well technicallyyyyy he still didn HAVE to.” comeback then we done here.No one had a gun to his head but it was a god damn understandable reaction when in the moment. You can blame him not getting the ball back on him when he found the guy with the ball, offered him a reward of equal or maybe greater value for said ball, and the guy still wants to keep it, he says because “you don know how much this means to me”..

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