No, the first sentence of a business letter should state thepurpose of the letter (why you are writing). Are you writing just to inform the recipient that you’ve receivedthe letter? There must be more to it, for example: “I’m writing in response to you letter of (date) regarding(subject). Third paragraph, state the next action, what you will do next orwhat they need to do next.

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She is currently working on a book about Bess of Hardwick and the building of Hardwick Hall. She also writes occasional book reviews, works as a freelance editor and gives talks to schools about Queen Victoria. In The St Ives Artists: a biography of place and time, he investigates the unique mid century flowering of international modernism in a small seaside town.

So his girls could get use to shooting in a bigger gym. So far during rivet’s state tourney run, they won at larry bird’s high school alma mater spring valley. They practiced today at larry legend’s college home and even had to check out his statue outside the hulman center.

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