We know that people with impaired immune systems get worse illness. In pregnancy, the immune system is not up to par. Of the 100 or so patients who have required Intensive Care Unit treatment, 28 pregnant women have died. The way to choose a topic to blog about is to list things you are interested in writing about. Then start writing blog posts only in that area. If you are having trouble finding one topic to write about, you may want to find out what others are reading about on the Internet by searching for popular keyword searches on the WordTracker site..

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This package allows you to make professional and colorful documents including importing images from other software packages like Microsoft Power Point. You can even work with HTML, XML or PDF format documents.Draw is the Open Office software for creating graphics and electronic diagrams. Make organization charts, process flow diagrams or any graphic you need for your home business without incurring the expense of a program like Microsoft Visio or CorelDraw.Math and Base Database SoftwareMath is another offering in the Open Office suite that allows users to develop mathematical formulas and equations.

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