I especially like the home media streaming tool Plex. Think of Plex as Netflix for your content. Record home movie or take tons of pictures? Toss them into Plex and watch them on the big screen. There will be some times when it is difficult to get away from your computer heavy deadlines, procrastination, and necessity may chain you there. But if you are at your computer sun up to beyond sun down every day, eventually you will burn out. Below are some tips both for managing your time and achieving that all important work life balance so that you can get away from your computer and enjoy life most every day..

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Welcome to /r/90dayfiance, a community dedicated to the TLC show Day Fiance and it spin offs. Join us weekly for live discussion threads when new episodes are airing. We welcome all posts and discussion Day related.90DF is an original TLC show about the K1 visa process.

I don’t think CS GO is that violent in the first place, like others said after a few hours you realize it’s about so much more, but wayyyy more importantly, GTA V makes cs go look like an episode of spongebob. I mean they’re not even comparable. In just the main story of GTA you work as a drug maker and seller, you can actively seek out prostitutes, and if I’m remembering the ending right, you attach a car battery and clippers to a persons nipples and shock them.

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When it comes to a grading mechanism that relies on consistency it might sound counter intuitive to build in a degree of flexibility. This, however, is an essential part of the grading process because the overall idea is to help students master the concepts taught in the class. Without some form of flexibility the incorrect message can be sent to students and the needed improvements may be lost in the struggle over a student’s need for special consideration..

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