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I use an explorer (a metal, pointed probe) to gently investigate the pits and fissures of the teeth to detect cavities. I check to see if present fillings (restorations) are sound with no recurrent decay or voids. I also evaluate bridges and other prosthetic appliances: Do they have proper anatomy? Is the fixed (cemented) bridge functioning properly? Can the patient perform required oral hygiene procedures under the bridge? Are the removable partial dentures irritating the soft tissues? Are the clasps designed properly, or are they traumatizing the teeth they contact?.

My classmate started crying once it was clear Sammy was not going to come back. Right when the parents were about to leave another baseball player named Corey Patterson saw my classmate, came up, signed everything they had, and talked and joked around with the family for over a half hour. Corey became my classmates favorite player that day and I think he lived perhaps a year after that moment.

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