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Some experts are skeptical about how much such exercises can help. Timothy Salthouse, PhD, a University of Virginia psychology professor and director of the school’s Institute on Aging, says that learning to remember a string of numbers, for example, won’t help you remember where you put your keys. And no brain exercise will prevent brain function decline that’s a result of aging, he adds..

The gifts this year were West Virginia Glass pen holders and were given in several categories to the direct descendants. Hazel Davidson, 100, was presented a dozen red roses as the oldest Haymond in attendance. Jordan Rowan, Dulcie Haymond Pritt great great granddaughter, took the prize for youngest being one day shy of 2 years old.

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Throughout the whole of those moving events, which it has been our duty to record, the prairies had lain in the majesty of perfect solitude. The heavens had been blackened with the passage of the migratory birds, it is true, but the dogs of the party, and the ass of the doctor, were the only quadrupeds that had enlivened the broad surface of the waste beneath. There was now a sudden exhibition of animal life, which changed the scene, as it were, by magic, to the cheap jordans size 9 womens very opposite extreme.