Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can typically be treated using antibiotics. However, the Centers for Disease Control and (CDC) recently announced the discovery of a drug resistant strain of the STD. This new “Super bug” strain of gonorrhea is resistant to the last remaining class of antibiotics used to treat the sexually transmitted disease.

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A principal agent relationship exists whenever one person acts in the interests of another. Known as agency theory, the costs of not being able to monitor an agent and the divergence of the parties’ goals has real effects on the relationship between an owner of a company and its value. Often, through agreements and contracts, principals are able to reduce the costs of agency by making their goals more in line with the agent’s.

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Amateur players (kids playing junior who haven’t made pro yet) make it to the NHL by being “drafted” which means selected, by a team. Once drafted, they usually sign a relatively standardized three year contract with their team. But when that contract is up, they have to renegotiate a new one in order for the player to keep playing for the team.

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